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Solar collectors for swimming pools

Solar panels made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for swimming pool solar heating
3 types of solar panels depending on the configuration
Very low pressure drop aboutQ  0,003 bar at 200 l/h/m2
Flow rate: 150 to 250 l/h/m²
Weight approx. 5,8 kg/m²
Water content: 5,8 l/m²
Testing pressure: 4,5 bar
Working pressure: up to 1,2 bar at 40°C
Temperature resistant: from  –50°C to +115°C

Non corroding – resistant to swimming pool water
Full area through flow
Supports human weight
Absolutely frost resistant 


The advantages of solar panels for pool heating are:

1. Kit system
2. Can be mounted as desired
3. Installation vertical or horizontal possible
4. Very simple to install – low weight – handsome dimensions
5. High efficiency






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