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F.C.S. for space heating support

Ecofer provides complete solar thermal systems for space heating support that can be applied to any type and size of building. 

Ecofer solar thermal systems support the boiler or heat pump, used for central heating.

The main components of a typical forced circulation system for space heating support are:

  • Buffer tank with one heat exchanger
  • High Selective flat solar thermal collectors
  • Solar station Inverter SmartSol, includes: Ball valve with thermometer, safety valve 6 bar with pressure gauge, High efficiency (HE) circulation pump PWM , filling &draining valve, degasifier with manual air vent.
  • DIfferential controller Smart Sol Nano/Smart Sol/Smart Sol Plus, includes:  Solar Thermal Plant Tank Sensors PT 1000 PVC, Length 2500mm &  Solar Thermal Plant Collector Sensors PT 1000Silicone, Length 2500mm high temperatures ( 180ο C )
  • Collector bases, Collectors mounting kit, Cross fitting chamfered ring and copper connections, Propylene glycol antifreeze, Automatic filling valve, Automatic air vent & valve, Electrical resistance, Expansion vessel solar, Pressure expansion vessel for storage tank and all the necessary components of each system depending on the specific configuration
The specific dimensioning  and design of each solar thermal system depends on the region that the project is located, the desired solar fraction, in combination with the specific preferences of the final user.




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