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Solar collectors ECOFER ECO


Ecofer produces the new range of solar collectors, ECOFER ECO.

Ecofer innovates with evidence and presents the advantages of this economic collector series!

  • Range of 8 sizes available from 1.5 m2 to 2.9 m2
  • Unique mounting system with embedded mobile mounts
  • Lightweight design for easy transportation and installation
  • One-piece anodized profiles, anticorrosion technology for ultimate seal against moisture and micro-particles in the air.
  • Safety glass with high permeability.
  • Mineral wool insulation and side insulation.
  • Rack-type absorber (HARP) , tagged with LASER technology
  • 2 stainless vents at the bottom.
  • Possibility of mounting vertically or horizontally.
  • Absorptive aluminum surface with black selective coating.
  • ø8mm Risers.

All types are certified by: SOLARKEYMARK - SRCC

Technical data of solar collectors ECOFER ECO