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EMZ Smart Solar Cloud


Remote access to emz solar controller via the Smart Box

  • Gateway to Smart Sol Top and Smart Sol Plus Premium
  • Remote access of solar installations via internet with various LAN and WiFi-capable devices, e. g. PCs, tablet PCs, smartphones, netbooks
  • Use of devices is independent of their operating system
  • Animated display of the current hydraulic plant system
  • One Smart Box address 1 controller
  • Function software and operating system preinstalled on smart Box via SD card
  • Function software update via server
  • Integrated online help and operating manual
  • Evaluation and graphic visualization of the the log data: Solar yields, CO² savings, temperatures, volumetric flows, actuator response
  • Online operation and registration of controller at the EMZHANAUER central server
  • Reduced travelling costs thanks to remote servicing
  • Power savings thanks to plant optimization using professional visualization and evaluation of the energy yield values
  • Permanent safety thanks to active error signaling feature
  • Straightforward Wifi access for a wide range of terminals for time-saving plant monitoring